15-million-year-old whale skull excavated


History was unearthed by employees of the Calvert Marine Museum last month when they recovered a 15 million-year-old whale skull at Stratford Hall, Va. 

The baleen (filter feeding type) whale skull is one of the largest ever collected locally coming in at six feet long; the entire whale would have been 25 or more feet long. The rest of the skeleton still remains in the cliff and excavations will continue to recover all of this ancient creature’s bones. 

Led by paleontology collections manager John Nance, volunteers, interns, and staff from both the museum and Stratford Hall spent hours working to uncover the historic skull over course of a month. 

The skull was loaded onto a boat captained by Stratford Hall employee Randy Stevens, who then took his boat to the ramp at Westmoreland State Park. Ken Benson, Westmoreland State Park Manager, and his staff moved the skull from the boat to the bed of the museum truck with the use of a tractor and sling. 

For information about the museum, upcoming events or the whale skull, visit www.calvertmarinemuseum.com or call (410) 326-2042.