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77-year-old sets off on circumnavigation

American Stanley Paris had several goals in mind when he began his solo non-stop around the world attempt on December 2, 2013, from St. Augustine, Fla.

However, on January 11, approximately 1,700 miles west of Cape Town, South Africa, he reported that his boat had failed and his attempt had ended.

Paris was sailing his custom-built 63- foot Kiwi Spirit, which was designed by Farr Yacht Design and constructed by Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding.

But now he’s back. At age 77 years, Paris departed Nov. 9 from St. Augustine on his second and final attempt at a solo circumnavigation. His boat, Kiwi Spirit, is ready this time.

“The boat had developed too many breakages – some of my responsibility but the most major being a under spec’ing of the pins that attached the rigging to the deck,” explained Paris. “All has been repaired and corrected. Additional winches installed, latest chart plotter, more safety hand grips and a better sense of the challenge leave me feeling more confident that we (the boat and I) are ready.”

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