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81-year old man rebuilds 70-year-old rowboat

Dick Brynestad knows much about Wollochet Bay in Washington's Puget Sound. He has spent most of his life in it, on it, and living next to it.

About two years ago, Brynestad, now 81, started a project that brought his experiences with this picturesque Puget Sound hot spot full circle. The retired craftsman recently recounted to a local newspaper a tale about family and a crusty rowboat.

His son bought a summer cottage from his grandparents and ended up getting a refinished rowboat handed down from his father. The rowboat sat on the bulkhead and rotted away (again).

"One day his daughter asked, 'Dad why don't you do something with that old boat? Why don't you fix it up and give it to the museum that's developing in Gig Harbor or something,' " he said.

The senior artisan pondered and analyzed the task of another laborious makeover.

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