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A Bit of Good Climate News: A “Pristine” Coral Reef is Discovered Off Tahiti


Finally, after exploding volcanoes, tsunamis and crippling winter storms, a bit of good climate news: An underwater mapping project conducted by deep sea explorers off Tahiti has found a “pristine” coral reef that resembles a bed of roses.

The reef occupies an area of the ocean known as the mesophotic zone where the algae that coral depends on for survival can still grow but where light penetration is significantly diminished.


Alexis Rosenfeld, an underwater photographer from Marseille, France, photographed the reef as part of a deep-sea exploration project called 1 Ocean. He said the reef lived up to what he had envisioned. “This, my dream, is exactly the same as the reality,” he said.

You can read more about this rare bit of good climate news in The New York Times.



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