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A change of tide: quit the job to sail

He was a long way away from the office he worked in as a software engine.

Englishman Nik Brbora was desperately trying to steer his 18-strong crew through 50-knot hurricane winds and waves three-stories high.

As dawn approaches, a monster wave flips the yacht, ripping out the steering and smashing Brbora against the deck. Falling in and out of consciousness, the 29-year-old is rescued by U.S. coast guards who take him to the closest hospital — 560 miles away in San Francisco.

Brbora was one of 500 amateur sailors participating in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, sailing 10 identical 75-foot yachts 40,000 miles around the globe, battling everything from hurricanes in the Caribbean to the dreaded doldrums of South East Asia.

Event organizers are now recruiting for next year's clipper race. Those who enter face the prospect of saying goodbye to their jobs, family and friends for a 12-month voyage on the high seas.

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