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A Concert From Your Boat


Belfast, Maine, is introducing a new way to enjoy live music amidst the coronavirus pandemic. For the past 25 years, musician Andro Anderson has performed downtown during Belfast Summer Nights, the weekly outdoor summer music series that he founded. He did not think he would be able to perform this year, but then he had an idea.

Last Thursday, the town hosted the first installation of the “Belfast Summer Nights Presents: Keeping Our Friends and Neighbors Healthy Concert Series.” Musicians play from the Armistice Footbridge that connects downtown to East Belfast, and their music amplifies across the river, where the audience watches from their boats or the beach.

The next concerts will be held on Thursday, August 6, and Thursday, September 3. If you are planning a summer cruise to Maine, consider joining the flotilla of kayaks, canoes and other boats on the river and bay and enjoying this old town tradition.


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