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A crow's nest — literally — on sailboat's mast

A family of crows has taken the nautical term crow's nest literally and built a home on top of a sailboat’s mast at a marina in Aberystwyth, a port town on the northwest coast of Wales.

Yacht owner Mick Fothergill said he felt privileged that the crows chose his vessel from dozens of others moored at the marina.

"I'm happy for them to raise their family on my boat," he told Britain’s BBC News.

The skipper also said he will remove the nest once the crows' young have fledged because he feared looking ridiculous at sea with a real crow's nest on his mast.

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“Why they'd want to build a nest there is beyond me. I've never seen anything like it in all my years working down at the marina,” David Jenkins, who works at the marina, told the Daily Mail. “There is a little platform at the top, but it really does get windy in that spot with the strong northeasterly winds.”

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