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A dangerous catch and release



The crew of the Spanish commercial fishing boat Pedro y Loli hauled in not a fish, but a sea-worn torpedo believed to be circa 1914.


The crew was fishing off the MurciaCoast between Cabo De Palos and Isla Grosa on Jan. 17 when the boat lurched, having taken on a lot of weight. When they checked their nets to see what they caught, they discovered an 11-foot long torpedo in a notably deteriorated state, according to The Log Newspaper.

When the crew discovered the torpedo could not be removed easily from the nets, they called authorities and headed back to port in Torrevieja, hoping nothing would go off during the transit. A military bomb squad from Cartagena cut loose the huge explosive device and the local police cut off public access to the port, according to the report.

Once removed, the World War I weapon was disarmed and later found out to be German-made, dating as far back as 1914. It was stuffed with trinitrotulene, an early explosive chemical.

The torpedo was taken to local military barracks for inspection.

- Elizabeth Ellis