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A fish tale with a happy ending

OCT. 27 — A man and woman fishing on FloridaBay earlier this month hauled in more than they had bargained for.

The couple was motoring their 23-footer when they hit something strange in the water and turned back to check what it was, according to an Associated Press news report. “As we came back upon it, I realized it was a little, fat dog,” the man says in the report. The pair plucked the 5-year-old Cairn terrier, named Tigger, from the water — their only catch of the day.

“[The dog] was having trouble keeping its head above water,” the man continues in the report. “Its big eyes were looking at us. It was almost as if it was saying, ‘Don’t leave me here.’ ”

Tigger apparently had fallen from his owners’ boat somewhere between Key Largo and Marathon, the report says. The owners scoured the bay for more than 2-1/2 hours before giving up.

The couple inspected the tag on Tigger’s collar and called his owners, but no one answered, the news report says. They dropped Tigger off at an animal shelter, where he was later picked up after one of his owners listened to her messages.

“He didn’t know me. He was so terrified,” she says in the report. “As soon as he realized it was me, he jumped in my arms and wouldn’t let go.”

— Jason Fell