A megayacht designed with an eco-conscience


A green roof, solar panels, wind turbines and a rainwater collector have not been the traditional amenities of luxury yachts.

The Swiss designers of the concept “Island(E)motion” luxury megayacht, however, took a different approach.

The floating island features more than 7,500 square feet of flexible photovoltaic solar panels on the flat roofs to supply enough energy for basic electrical needs. The panels are green and meant to look like rolling grassy seaside hills, supplemented by palm trees across the deck.
Thermal panels provide hot water. Small wind turbines that run the length of the vessel supplement electrical needs.

The recycled-steel hull was designed with an air bubble layer that lowers friction with the water and reduces fuel consumption.

Beyond the “green” elements, the design include more traditional megayacht amenities such as a helipad, massage rooms, a sandy beach and dining room that seats 24.

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