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A N.Y.-to-Bermuda sea trial

Long Island dealer wants to break the record, while publicizing a new catamaran

Long Island dealer wants to break the record, while publicizing a new catamaran

Gregor Tarjan is so confident in the TenderCat 45, a new power catamaran available through his multihull dealership, Aeroyacht, he is going to attempt to break the record for New York to Bermuda passage in a powerboat.

Tarjan, along with customer Brian Nixon, who is buying the boat from Tarjan, hope to slice across the Gulf Stream to Bermuda in less than 23 hours.

The existing record for the estimated 700-nautical-mile voyage is 22 hours, 23 minutes, set July 18, 2002, by a 30-foot Renaissance marine Prowler cat that set off from Jersey City, N.J., across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The vessel was powered by twin 225-hp Honda 4-stroke outboards and was modified to carry 554 gallons of fuel. The run was made by the president of Renaissance Marine, in part, to showcase the vessel’s seaworthiness.

Tarjan says his run at the record will serve the same purpose.

“It’s a great test for any boat,” says Tarjan, in a telephone interview from his office in Setauket Harbor on the north fork of New York’s Long Island. “This boat will hopefully do it in style.”

The boat was temporarily named Aeroyacht Challenge, to commemorate the voyage. After that, Tarjan says Nixon intends to rename the boat Chloe Express. Nixon, a Long Island resident, purchased the boat so he could zip across Long Island Sound to visit his granddaughter, Chloe, in Connecticut. The trip, which takes several hours by car, will take about 15 minutes by the TenderCat, Tarjan says.

The yacht was originally designed by South African-based Argo Boats and Cannes, France-based Blubay yachts, as a tender for Blubay’s 138-foot luxury catamaran. The TenderCat is finding a market for the yachtsman who appreciates speed, seaworthiness and luxury. With leather ceiling and door handles, teak deck, flat screen plasma TV, a removable convertible top and other amenities, the TenderCat isn’t an ordinary tender, says Tarjan. “It’s built to superyacht standards,” he says. The yacht, made from an advanced carbon/kevlar composite, has a fully enclosable cabin and a capacity to sleep up to five. With an overall length of just under 45 feet, the TenderCat has a hull length of 42 feet and a 14-foot, 8-inch beam.

What really sets this boat apart, says Tarjan, is the Hysucat Hydrofoil System, developed at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. A single hydrofoil bolted between the keels and two stern hydrofoils mounted near the transom under the waterline are designed to produce enough lift to reduce wetted area of the hull and, therefore, increase speed. Several yachts of similar design have been built and sold in South Africa, says Tarjan.

Powered by twin 440-hp engines, the boat has a range of 2,000 miles, a top speed of 55 knots, and is capable of maintaining high speeds even in rough offshore conditions. “The TenderCat can literally fly at 55 knots, even in choppy conditions,” says Tarjan.

Aeroyacht is the exclusive distributor for the U.S. and Canada of the Blubay catamarans and the TenderCat 45. Tarjan plans to debut the TenderCat at the Newport (R.I.) International Boat Show in September. The TenderCat is available in a sport cruiser, sportfishing or an open model. The introductory price is around $650,000.

Aeroyacht exclusively sells sail and power catamarans. Tarjan, the founder and president, is a trained naval architect and experienced multihull sailor.

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