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A question of morality

APRIL 16 — A New York mother was arrested last week on charges that she stole half of her children’s $60,000 trust fund in order to purchase a boat.

The woman, who is 35 and of Levittown, pleaded not guilty to a third-degree grand larceny charge and was released from prison without bail Wednesday, a news report says. An apparent error with the fund allowed the woman to make cash and check withdrawals from the account. A fraud investigator discovered the withdrawals in a routine audit.

“There were supposed to be restraints put on the account,” an investigator says in the report. “Apparently, some mistakes were made by the bank and the funds were able to be transferred.”

After realizing the mistake, bank officials contacted the woman in an attempt to have the fund restored, the report says. When she failed to return the money the bank reported the theft to the police.

The woman’s attorney says his client was wrongly accused and would not steal from her children, the report says. Details such as what make/model boat the woman allegedly purchased were not immediately available.

Jason Fell