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A superyacht for the super rich

He's a billionaire businessman and former America’s Cup holder; she's a rich former beauty queen. Their latest toy is a $191 million superyacht complete with a helicopter landing pad and swimming pool.

Britain's richest woman, Kirsty Bertarelli, and her husband Ernesto splashed out on a new 317-foot superyacht, which is six decks high, replace their older 155-foot yacht.

The Daily Mail reports the vessel, Vava II, is the 33rd largest superyacht in the world and has luxurious cabins, four boats to take passengers to shore, the landing pad and a pool, which can have its depth varied at the whim of guests.

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On that subject, CNN reports on the rise of the “gigayacht” and why size matters to the super rich. The yachts – ships really – are the ultimate status symbol, a sign of eminence, power and a seemingly limitless supply of cash. And when it comes to showing off wealth and status it seems the rule is "the bigger the better."

"There's definitely a 'mine is bigger than yours' syndrome in this industry and there is a desire to have the best. That's the great thing about these yachts," said Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess Yachts, one of the world's leading yacht brokers.

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