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A unique sportfishing passagemaker

Nordhavn’s full-displacement Expedition Yachtfisher has a range of more than 4,600 miles

Nordhavn’s full-displacement Expedition Yachtfisher has a range of more than 4,600 miles

Jim Leishman has spent a good bit of time aboard long-range cruising boats, and the Nordhavn co-owner and vice president has had occasion to fish in such locales as Central America and on a passage to Hawaii.

“With all the deliveries and time you spend on these boats, we’ve found the fishing in these remote locations is spectacular,” says Leishman. “Wouldn’t it be great to design a boat that could go to these remote locations where these fish still exist in large quantities?”

So Nordhavn did just that. A 75-foot full-displacement sportfishing boat, dubbed the Nordhavn Expedition Yachtfisher, is under construction and due to be completed this fall.

It has a tall bow, Portuguese bridge, and the same level of construction and fit and finish as other Nordhavn passagemakers, but with some traditional sportfishing boat elements, such as a large cockpit and reverse sheer forward, according to the company.

“Technically it’s a very good sportfishing boat,” says Leishman. “The only thing it’s not going to be good at is tournaments.”

While the 235,000-pounder won’t have the kind of speed to sprint offshore in tourneys — its top speed will be about 15 mph — he says it should make it to some of the world’s most remote fishing areas at a clip of about 1,500 miles per week. Range is expected to be more than 4,600 miles at 10 mph. Leishman suggests such possible excursions as cruising the Inside Passage, heading 600 miles off Costa Rica to Cocos Island — “You’ve got to have a unique boat to get out there,” he says — or dispatching the boat to Tahiti and Australia.

“You could take this boat from L.A. and run it down to Tahiti and on to Australia, and fish the best fishing grounds and cruise the best cruising grounds in the world,” says Leishman.

The ballasted 75-footer will give owners the ability to catch and store “a lot” of fish, he says. “We think it’s kind of a new frontier, and something we have a lot of passion for,” says Leishman.

The Yachtfisher has an LOA of 74 feet, 5 inches, with a waterline length of 66 feet, 8 inches. It has a beam of 22 feet, 4 inches, draft of 6 feet, 6 inches, fuel capacity of 5,000 gallons, and water capacity of 600 gallons. Power will come from a pair of 740-hp Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines.

Preliminary price for a well-equipped Expedition Yachtfisher is around $3.5 million. Contact Pacific Asian Enterprises at (949) 496-4848 or visit for more information.