ACR Electronics promotes ‘406 Day’ on Wednesday


ACR Electronics and their boating safety partners are encouraging boaters to get social on social media accounts.

April 6 was named 406 Day by ACR Electronics in 2013. The day was designated as a time to celebrate the thousands of lives saved by using 406 MHz beacons and the Cospas-Sarsat Satellite system.

The day is intended to create online awareness on the benefits and responsibilities of owning a 406 MHz beacon; such as an EPIRB, PLB or ELT.

What started a few years ago as a photo-share contest on social media has now become increasingly relevant as there are two items of legislation relevant to promoting 406 MHz beacon ownership.

On the national level, a bill was introduced offering an Internal Revenue Service incentive to persons who purchase a beacon.

In Florida, Republican Gov. Rick Scott recently signed a bill which, on average, will give boaters a 20 percent discount on their boater registration fee annually with proof of NOAA registration.

“406 Day has not only created social media buzz but has also created useful content and has opened meaningful dialogue regarding safety precautions in the boating industry. 406 Day should continue to grow with strategic partners in the multiple facets of the maritime industry, who have made the day what it is today,” ACR media specialist Nichole Kalil said in a statement. “406 Day occurs during spring when most of the nation is gearing up for summer boating, the timing to share boating safety messages is perfect.”