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Across the Atlantic … in a flats boat?

Ralph and Bob Brown want to attempt the seemingly impossible: crossing the Atlantic in a 21-foot flats boat, according to a recent press release.

The Brown brothers — Ralph is 49 and Bob is 50 — are planning the unescorted voyage in resistance to the high fuel prices boaters have been dealing with this summer. They say their flats boat, Intruder, which they designed, will use less fuel making the voyage than any other gasoline-powered boat on the market, according to the report. They originally planned to leave July 28, but have pushed the trip back to Aug. 18, because they have yet to find a major sponsor.

This is not the first major passage the brothers have embarked upon in Intruder. Last year, the brothers took on what they dubbed the “Bermuda Suicide Challenge,” traveling 1,547 miles from North Carolina to Bermuda and battling 9-foot waves in the shallow-draft boat. They were recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for traveling the farthest in a flats boat, according to information on their Web site.

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— Elizabeth Ellis