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Adrift for nine months

AUG. 16 Three Mexican fishermen were rescued near the Marshall Islands in the Pacific after they spent nine months drifting nearly 5,000 miles across the ocean.

The men were spotted Aug. 9 by the crew of a Taiwanese fishing boat, a news report says. They were on a boat with two disabled outboard motors.

“They were skinny and hungry when they were picked up last week, but otherwise healthy,” Eugene Muller, a manager of the company that owns the fishing boat, says in the report. Muller says that the men survived for weeks by catching seabirds and by drinking rainwater.

The Taiwanese fishing boat is expected to put in at Majuro, Mexico, in two weeks to offload its catch of tuna and the three Mexican fishermen, the report says. The men were from San Blas, a central Mexico coastal town. Because of the language barrier between the Mexican men and the Chinese-speaking fishing boat crew, additional details of the men’s ordeal were not available.

Jason Fell