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Adrift for years

FEB. 27 — A trimaran that went missing two years ago off New Zealand has washed ashore in the island nation of Tonga in the South Pacific.

Tongan police reported that a 41-footer, named Manoah, was found this month on Uonuku Island, New Zealand’s maritime Rescue Coordination Center reports in a news release. Authorities found the badly damaged hull covered in barnacles and seaweed, according to news reports. Also visible on the hull — written in paint — was “Help 2 P.O.B.,” indicating that two people had been on board.

Monoah went missing in June 2005 after setting off from Nelson, New Zealand, for Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, the RCCNZ news release says. A search for Manoah and her two crewmembers covered about 330 square miles. Searchers found no trace of the boat or crew.

Despite finding the wreckage, authorities do not know what happened to Manoah’s crew. “We have passed on all the information we have to the families concerned but unfortunately the find hasn’t provided any clues to what happened to Manoah or the fate of the crew,” an RCCNZ officer says in the release.

Jason Fell