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Adrift without a captain

JUNE 9 - After being abandoned six months ago off Costa Rica, a 33-foot sailboat was found recently drifting and crewless more than 4,500 miles away off Hawaii.

The sloop, called Chaton de Foi (French for “Kitten of Faith”), was discovered by fishermen June 5 about four miles off South Kona, Hawaii, says Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Marsha Delaney. The boat’s owner apparently abandoned Chaton de Foi on Dec. 2 after experiencing rough weather and engine problems. The owner told the Coast Guard he was trying to repair the engine, but when another vessel passed and its skipper offered to take him aboard, the sloop was abandoned.

“Since there was no one to rescue, and no pollution, there wasn’t much of an investigation for the Coast Guard to do,” Delaney explains. Delaney says the sloop’s owner has since discussed with the Coast Guard arrangements to reclaim the boat and inquiring how much it will cost.

In the meantime, the owner had Chaton de Foi towed “into a safe port” in Hawaii, says Delaney. Details such as Chaton de Foi’s make/model were not immediately available.

— Jason Fell