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Adventure completed, single-handedly

On May 1, Italian sailor Vittorio Malingri completed traveling across the Atlantic in less than 13 days using a 20-foot beach catamaran, according to

He left Dakar,Senegal April 15 in Royal Oak bound for Guadeloupe, a 2,545-mile trip. When the solar panels on the boat began to have problems, his energy supply to his satellite phone, VHF, GPS and his autopilot began to wane. With one hand steering the rudder and the other doing everything else, he literally made the journey single-handedly, according to the report.

“At night, for short intervals, I tied the rudder in order to rest. I did not suffer hunger or thirst,” says Malingri in the report. “It was much less difficult than a leg on the around-the-world race in a larger boat. Now I am going to sleep in a bed.”

Royal Oak was designed specifically for this trip by Sito Aviles Ramos, a friend of Malingri’s. The boat is made entirely out of carbon fiber and was built to minimize the risks of capsizing and damage while keeping a constant speed. It has watertight compartments for food, safety equipment, clothes, and drinking water as well as two watertight bags on the platform. Malingri also had a drinking water distiller, EPIRB, life jackets, survival wetsuit, radar transponder and first aid equipment.

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— Elizabeth Ellis