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Adventurer launches solo circumnavigation

Skipper David Rearick launched his “Bodacious Dream” on Wednesday, starting a solo nine-month 30,000-mile circumnavigation of the globe from Newport, R.I.

The circumnavigation will be an adventure in learning and discovery, with Rearick introducing the wonders of the ocean and the many demands of sailing and sailcraft through regular story and media updates – all part of a new initiative called Bodacious Dreams Expeditions that is designed to bring to digital life Rearick’s daily experiences while on his journey.

Rearick and the Class 40 Racer Bodacious Dream have already competed in five major races in the U.S. and Europe leading up to this trip, including the two American Atlantic Cup Races, the Canadian Transat Quebec-St. Malo Race and then both the Normandy Channel Race and Mondial Class 40 World Championships in France. Dave has also sailed solo across the Atlantic last fall.

“Bodacious Dream has proven herself on the competitive front over the last year and now I will begin the solo journey around the globe, looking to bring the adventures home through the online Bodacious Dream Expeditions,” said Rearick.

This time around, however, the solo expedition can be viewed online ( and all can learn with Dave and his network of teachers, scientists and organizations such as his partners at Earthwatch Institute and Hurricane Island Outward Bound School through videos and the accompanying “Explorer Guides,” which include fun and engaging worksheets with specific questions, facts and details on specific subjects and regions through which he sails.

“Believing that some of the most valuable learning follows from sharing engaging experiences, we will be complementing our real-life journey and reports en route with our study materials as well as with direct interaction, so that younger minds can visually and experientially participate in our expeditions and so learn to apply that to more traditional education methods,” said Rearick.

He is now bound for Cape Town, South Africa, then onto Wellington, New Zealand, followed by Cape Horn, South Georgia Island, the mouth of the Amazon and back to Newport with some additional remote stops along the way.