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Advocate wants America's Cup run independently

Malin Burnham, a San Diego native who is a long-time sailing, civic and business leader, wants the America's Cup to be run by an independent organization, putting sailing's marquee regatta on similar footing as mainstream sports.

Burnham first made his pitch privately in 2013 in a letter to Larry Ellison, the software billionaire who owns two-time America's Cup champion Oracle Team USA. Ellison did not respond to the letter.

Burnham went public after the American tycoon chose the tax haven of Bermuda, a British territory, over San Diego to host the 2017 America's Cup.

"I'm frustrated. I absolutely know in my heart and my mind what needs to be done and I'd like to get people rallied around that issue and attempt to move forward in a very cooperative, collaborative way," Burnham said.

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