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Ahoy scurvy curs!

SEPT. 1 -- Cap'n Billy “The Butcher” MacDougall, also known as humorist writer Tim Bete, has decided the time is right for yet another ode to the unique legend of piracy.

Following the return Sept. 19 of the more established Talk Like a Pirate Day, MacDougall is call on the nation to participate in the debut of Walk Like a Pirate Day, Sept. 20.

“While Talk Like a Pirate Day is as much fun as firing at a merchant vessel, at some point you have to stop talking the talk, and walk the walk,” says MacDougall in a letter on his site. “No, not off the plank, me hearty. I mean it’s more fun to act like a pirate than just talk like one.”

National Talk Like a Pirate Day was established in 1995 by MacDougall’s good friends Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers and John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur, and has been a hit ever since. With this new holiday add-on, people can truly delve into their piratey nature.

But how does one walk like a pirate? MacDougall’s advice:

“Since you’ll perfect your pirate voice on Sept. 19, you’re already one step ahead of the game,” says MacDougall on his site. “Ye can start Sept. 20 pretending you have a peg leg or that yer toe was bitten by a bilge rat. You could even put a live codfish down yer pants, if ye want to walk like ‘Crazy Legs’ Johnny Jibson, the first mate on me first ship. But ‘walking the pirate walk’ means acting like a pirate in every way.”

Sarah Knott of the PirateSoulMuseumin Key West, Fla. says they are in the process of celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day in style by organizing an event that will support the Make A Wish Foundation with workshops for kids on pirating.

“I hadn’t heard about Walk Like a Pirate Day, but we’ll see what we can put together in the next few weeks,” says Knott.

Elizabeth “Cutlass” Ellis