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Algae still bogs down the Olympic race track

Traces of the algae that roughly 1,000 boats and thousands of people rushed to scoop out of the Yellow Sea before the Olympic sailing events has returned, according to, even as seven U.S. boats hit the waters of Qingdao Monday.

In fact, Sail-World has even made “Arnie the Algae” one of the featured guests at the Olympics this year. Australian sailor Anthony Nossiter said he had to clear trailing clumps of the prolific green slime off the rudder of his sailboat four times while racing this weekend on the Qingdao track and once more when his vessel was taken up the ramp to shore. Fellow Australian sailor Karyn Gojnich noted traces still floating on the surface.

“There’s not a lot of it, but it is clearly visible along a tide line,” Gojnich said in the report. “I wouldn’t want any of that around the keel.”

As of July 2, about 100,000 tons was removed from the Qingdao shore, according to The New York Times. Other countries that arrived early to train on the water found the carpet that existed in June to be simply unworkable. Officials say there is no “substantial link” to the overabundance of the algae bloom this summer, citing increased rainfall and warmer sea temperatures as primary causes.

— Elizabeth Ellis