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Alleged murder-for-hire tied to boat sale

MAY 1 - A boat store salesperson was arrested recently after being accused of offering a new boat and cash to another man in exchange for him killing two people.

The accused man, who is 58 and of Henderson, Ark., appeared in court on Thursday on two counts of solicitation to commit capital murder, news reports say. The man told jurors the alleged plan was a joke.

On March 17, FBI agents arrested the man after another man, from Viola, Ark., informed authorities that the salesperson offered him a pontoon boat and $10,000 to kill two people, reports say.

The informant reportedly wore a wire on his second visit to the store. Jurors listened to the 57-minute tape on which the two men discussed the deal. Authorities say the salesperson gave the man the title to the boat, a trailer and $2,000 up front to commit the murders.

The salesperson allegedly also gave the man photos of the two people he wanted killed, according to reports. The two people are apparently the salesperson’s neighbors, with which he has reportedly had an on-going dispute.

— Jason Fell