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Alternatively fueled inspiration

JUNE 28 — Three Australians helped raise money for charity by sailing a 30-foot boat made of empty beer cans down the BrisbaneRiver.

The men set off from the town of Karalee, southwest of Brisbane, Australia, and finished three days later at a naval barracks at the mouth of the river, news reports say. The project began as a creative way to recycle the cans.

“We were just sitting around in our shed drinking beer and wondering what we could do with all the cans,” one of the men says in a news report. They used more than a dozen cartons of silicone and about 8,000 empty cans to build the boat.

The men decided to build a boat made of cans after seeing footage of a local race called the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta. Then, in January, a 10-week-old daughter of one of the men died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The men decided to make stops along their journey to collect money — nearly $60,000 — to donate to the SIDS and Kidsfoundation.

Despite suffering a few dented cans along the way, the men say the boat held up well during their voyage. “Quite a bit of research went into it,” one man says in a report. “While it doesn’t go a million miles an hour, it is relaxing when you’re sailing along.”

Jason Fell