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Amazing story of dog who brought sailor back to life

The little-known tale of a dog named Lassie who brought a sailor back to life by licking his face during the First World War has emerged 100 years later.

The bodies of seven sailors had been laid out in the cellar of a port-side pub in Lyme Regis, Dorset, following a German torpedo attack on a British battleship in the English Channel on New Year's Eve, 1914.

All were presumed dead until the landlord's rough-haired collie dog entered the basement and sat alongside the motionless body of one sailor, Able Seaman John Cowan.

She proceeded to lick his face and nuzzle him for 30 minutes until, amazingly, he began to stir and rescuers rushed to his side. He went on to make a full recovery.

The incredible act sounds like it could be a storyline straight from the 1950s TV series Lassie.

Click here for the full report by Britain’s Daily Mail.