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American Spy Boat Washes Ashore in Scotland


The remote Scottish Isle of Tiree, population 653, is probably the last place you would expect to uncover a mysterious government spy boat, but that is exactly what beachcombers found washed ashore.

The American-made drone was wedged between two rocks after presumably running aground. Experts identified it as a Liquid Robotics Wave Glider, which is designed to self-deploy over thousands of miles. The craft is recognizable by the handle on its bow, three solar panels and three antennas, which are likely used for satellite communications, payload telemetry and GPS.

The hull that washed ashore is only one part of the drone. The submarine unit, which captures wave energy to propel the Wave Rider forward in the ocean, is missing and was potentially lost at sea. Nobody has claimed the drone, but it has reportedly been taken to a local man’s home, away from prying eyes. 


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