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America's Cup historic items up for auction

Boston Harbor Auctions is hosting an auction on Oct. 16 of historical artifacts of significance to the America’s Cup legacy and the sport of yachting itself.

Highlights of the sale include a silver-plated replica of the America’s Cup that was given to Chandler Hovey, an America’s Cup champion and participator of several Cup races that span 34 years.

There will be a large assortment of original press photographs from the America’s Cup races over the years, dating back to the 1930’s.

Two items being trophies presented by the Newport Yacht Racing Association in which Columbia beat Independence in what is considered a “playoff” series for the Cup in 1901. After knocking out the Herreshoff-built Constitution in the trials a year earlier, the Columbia went on to defend the Cup against Shamrock and was successful. She then competed in trials in 1901 proving that she was the far superior vessel.

There will also be a pair of silver goblets by Howard & Co. of New York that were presented to J.P. Morgan and passed down within his family.

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