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An attempt to produce 'ideal' cruising yacht under 40 feet

A boat development project by Truebuild Yachts that was spurred by consumer demand recently met a key milestone with two prospective owners committed to a design.

Called the "Best Coastal Voyaging Yacht Under 40 feet, Planing Hull Project," the Laguna Hills, Calif.-based Truebuild Yachts - a middle-man firm between buyer and builder - undertook the development project for a small number of committed boaters who say they could not find in the market the boat they wanted to buy.

The company provides administrative services to these boaters and a forum for others of a like mind to contribute to the definition of the yacht and its specifications. There are now two designs under consideration. When five or more prospective owners express serious interest, Truebuild will take the design to a builder capable of constructing it to the specification and price.

"There are two major problems with boatbuilding today," CEO Gene Kohlmann said. "The first is the purchase price is too high and the second is that a single boat is often designed to appeal to too many people. Providing and moderating a professional forum for owners to design the boat of their dreams enables dramatic cost savings to be made while fulfilling the need for individuality. The Best Coastal Voyaging Yacht Under 40 Feet is just the first example of many types of 'best' yachts that will be designed and built."

The Truebuild Yachts forum for those wishing to suggest a 'best' yacht can be found here.