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Ancient mariner prepares for circumnavigation

Swedish small-boat designer, builder and adventure sailor Sven Yrvind, 72, sailed Ireland-Martinique in a 15-foot boat in 2011. Now the intrepid mariner will pick up a glove thrown down five years ago: Cruise the world in a 10-foot boat.

The reason — apart from loving the small-boat lifestyle — is a challenge posted in 2007 on the Internet: A race around the world in 10-feet boats. A lot of participants registered, but as the starting date of Jan. 10, 2009, drew closer one by one withdrew. No one started.

Sven Yrvind wants to do it now, with a twist.

“I have decided to make an effort to sail a 10-foot boat non-stop around the world. I will do the voyage differently, to my own rules. Crossing all the meridians is the classical definition of a world circumnavigation,” he writes on his home page.

Click here for the full report and click here for Sven’s Web page.