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Anglers catch 900-pound shark in California

A new scale at a dock in Marina del Rey, Calif., was damaged when fishermen pulled in a 900-pound shark this week.

The fish was more than twice the size of the sharks typically brought into the marina, NBC 4 of Southern California reported.

It took eight men to lift the shark out of the water Monday afternoon at Del Rey Landing, the marina's general manager, Craig Campbell, said.

"Our digital scale goes to 750 and it was bent before half of the shark was off the ground," said Campbell, who was present when the shark was brought in.

The fishermen had to tow the shark back to the marina because it was too heavy to pull aboard, he said.

Most sharks brought in to the landing are donated to downtown Los Angeles food banks, Campbell said.

The fish appeared to be either a longfin mako or shortfin mako in photos, according to Heal the Bay Coastal Resources director Sarah Sikich. Neither species is threatened nor endangered, but longfin and shortfin mako are both listed as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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