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Angling groups call for fisheries management changes

The Billfish Foundation has joined a coalition of marine recreational fishing, boating and conservation organizations and businesses to call on the Obama Administration to take immediate action to deal with what the group calls "a crisis in federal fisheries management that has been growing for two decades because federal regulators failed to collect accurate and timely fisheries data or conduct sufficient and frequent stock assessments."

Ellen Peel, president of The Billfish Foundation, said, "We believe had the National Marine Fisheries Service received more funding for stock assessments and collection of recreational fishing data over the past 10 years, the current crisis would not have evolved. This current situation is an example of passing legislation and not funding the essentials to make it meaningful, not punitive."

Click here to read a letter the consortium sent to NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco.

Meanwhile, The European Commission has proposed that EU governments commit to a global ban on fishing for Atlantic bluefin tuna by 2011, saying overfishing is fast depleting stocks of the species.

Bluefin tuna stocks in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean shrunk 60 percent between 1997 and 2007, a result of illegal and underreported catches coupled with surging demand.

Click here for the full report.

Meanwhile, Japan says it will ignore any ban on bluefin.

Click here to read the report.