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Annapolis show adds charter section, new owner

In two recent developments, the Annapolis Sailboat Show announced it will feature this year a section dedicated to chartering and exotic vacations; and Annapolis Boat Shows (both the sail and power shows) are being sold to new owners.

People who attend the Oct. 10-14 sail show will be able to browse dozens of charter companies, speak with tourism boards and explore options for adventure travel and exotic destination resorts. They will have opportunities to meet with charter companies from around the world and plan 2014 excursions and will be able to explore fractional ownership and take advantage of discounts offered for reserving at the show.

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Annapolis Boat Shows general manager Paul Jacobs a team of four Maryland marine professionals and business owners are set to purchase the shows from current owner C. Edward Hartman II.

The others are Sheila Jones, who has been with the shows for 15 years and serves as show manager; Peter Trogdon, owner of Eastport-based Weems and Plath; Bob Crain, whose company, Applied Lighting, is responsible for lighting the shows; and Mary Ewenson, owner of SpinSheet and PropTalk magazines and co-owner of PortBook, publications focused on boating in the Chesapeake Bay.

Jacobs will continue in his role as general manager.

“I’ve been with the shows for eight years and am continually impressed by what a terrific organization Ed has built,” Jacobs told Eye on Annapolis. “I am grateful to Ed for giving us this opportunity and trusting us to carry on the tradition of the shows.”

The United States Powerboat Show will be held Oct. 3-6 and the United States Sailboat Show runs Oct. 10-14.

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