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Anniversary of USS Thresher sinking marked

For Lori Arsenault, who was just eight years old when her father, Tilmon Arsenault, died as the USS Thresher sank in 1963, there's a responsibility to keep the submarine's story alive and to honor the lives of her father and his 128 crewmembers.

Forty-eight years ago Sunday, on April 10, Thresher, a nuclear-powered attack submarine built at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and commissioned in 1961, was lost about 100 miles east of Cape Cod while conducting sea trials. On board were 16 officers, 96 enlisted men and 17 civilian technicians.

The tragedy was remembered last weekend as family and friends of the crew, officers and others gathered at the shipyard, where bells were tolled for all 129 men and a wreath was laid at the water's edge.

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