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Another ocean to cross

NOV. 29 —Nordhavnowners are looking to cross the Atlantic again. Following the success of the 2004 Nordhavn Atlantic Rally a new group of owners is planning a similar voyage scheduled kick off next summer.

The crossing, called Med Bound 2007, will see a group of Nordhavn trawlers steam across the Atlantic between Florida and Gibraltar, a press release says. The route will be similar to that of the NAR, but the new group of trawlers will not have a Nordhavn-staffed boat for support.

Med Bound 2007 is being organized by Milt Baker who, along with his wife, Judy, last summer purchased Bluewater, a Nordhavn 47, the release says. The couple has always wanted to make a trans-Atlantic voyage and to cruise the Med.

“We’re really interested in the camaraderie of having other boats along on the trip,” Baker says in the release.

In 2004 a fleet of 18 trawlers (mostly Nordhavns) crossed the Atlantic during the NAR. The boats pushed off from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and stopped in Bermuda and the Azores before finishing more than 40 days later in Gibraltar.

Baker, who also helped organize the NAR, says that despite there not being a support vessel with professional Nordhavn crew, Med Bound 2007 will be the “ideal venue” for less experienced or less confident boaters to gain experience and broaden their horizons.

“There’s not only safety, but more fun, in numbers,” Baker says in the release.

Med Bound 2007 is not an official Nordhavn rally, the release says, and is not sponsored by Pacific Asian Enterprises, the Dana Point, Calif., builders of Nordhavn trawlers. For information, contact Baker by phone at (954) 610-5193, or by e-mail at

— Jason Fell