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Antarctic explorers recreate Shackleton’s expedition

A team of explorers retracing the steps of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctica Voyage, have made it to the Stormness whaling station, after team leader British-Australian explorer Tim Jarvis and partner Barry Gray were forced to wait out severe weather.

The British-Australian explorer leading the team attempting to recreate a famous Antarctic expedition was stranded on a plateau only hours before completing his voyage after a blizzard forced the evacuation of the majority of his support team.

Upon arrival at former whaling station Stromness, leader Tim Jarvis said: “These early explorers were iron men in wooden boats and while modern man mostly travel around in iron vessels, I hope we’ve been able to emulate some of what they achieved. There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone has a Shackleton double in them and I hope we’ve inspired a few people to find theirs.”

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