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Appeal on to save World War II search-and-rescue boat

The owner of a wartime search-and-rescue boat is making an urgent appeal to help save the World War II-era vessel after it sank in England’s River Witham, on April 3.

The Framer was sinking at its dock, and local fire and rescue crews tried to pump water from the vessel, but to no avail.

“We saw the boat was in trouble and we thought we had a chance of helping,” to David Moore from the National Fire Service and Auxiliary Fire Service told the Lincolnshire Echo, adding the group had only managed to pump out an inch of water.

“It must be a substantial hole. The pumps are able to move two tons of water, but we could not even start to move it. There must be a big window open or a big hole under the boat. By the time the pump stopped we had reached equilibrium again. It needs diver support to go under the water.”

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