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Hurricane Prep

Boat owners in the Northeast prepare for potential wind and rain from Hurricane Ian

Some boat owners in the Northeast who are worried about the effects of Hurricane Ian making its way up the coast began making preparations by pulling their vessels from the water. They could be seen in places like Hingham Harbor, Massachusetts, citing worries about wind and rain as their reason for staying on land. 

The hurricane, expected to hit Florida Wednesday evening, could possibly send harsh weather to New England, but meteorologists warn it's too soon to know how the storm will move. Even so, it's a good time for boat owners to review storm prep procedures.To help you in that process, we've gathered some of our most popular hurricane prep stories. 

Should you pull your boat, anchor it, moor it or dock it?

Soundings contributor Pat Mundus provides excellent tips for storm preparation here.

Many other factors to consider can be found here.

It may be too late for this storm, but your marina and insurance policy matter, so check both and make the necessary adjustments.

And a detailed list from BoatU.S. of what you should be thinking about can be found here.

As the Scout Motto says: Be Prepared. 



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