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As spring nears, boat show goes ‘green’

The environmentally conscious “green” movement continues to spread its influence, soon even to the boat show circuit.

This year’s Bay Bridge Boat Show, to be held in Maryland from April 24-27, will feature a variety of green initiatives and eco-friendly trends, according to a recent press release.

The show will take place at KentIsland’s Bay Bridge Marina, which is a state Department of Natural Resources-designated “Clean Marina.” Some of the featured exhibits will be a “Green Initiative” tent sponsored by the Firemen’s Fund Insurance Company that will chronicle the history of the green movement’s growth in the boating community.

The tent will also feature aluminum boat builder Black Lab’s 23V Super Top center console that BOE Marine will have on display. The boat is made from 100 percent recyclable aluminum for a lightweight build to improve fuel efficiency. An electric boat from Duffy Electric Boat Company will also be on display, according to the release.

Attendees can also learn about the floating lift system/Oyster Hotel combination. Founder of Oyster King 1, Andrew Murzda partnered with Jet Dock to make a dual-purpose Jet Dock Oyster Breeder Aquaculture System that grows baby oysters to maturity while filtering and cleaning 1,000 gallons of bay water per hour.

The show will also feature more than 500 new and brokerage boats on display in the water and ashore.

- Elizabeth Ellis