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Aussie navy ship destroys pirate boat

An Australian Navy ship recently captured Somali pirates who fired on a supertanker near the Horn of Africa before a Navy helicopter blew up their skiffs.

HMAS Melbourne, which destroyed the pirates’ boats, was patrolling as part of a multi-national anti-piracy task force, according to Business Insider Australia.

Nine men were arrested, after a Seahawk helicopter traced the skiffs and guided the Royal Australian Navy warship to them, 500 nautical miles off the Somali coast, according to a statement from Combined Maritime Forces.

Once the pirates — who are also believed to have recently fired upon a Spanish fishing vessel — were off the skiffs, an Australian navy helicopter blew them up.

Two skiffs were destroyed along with “associated pirate equipment.”

The Combined Maritime Forces are a cooperative effort between 29 countries which patrol international water, guarding against piracy.

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