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Aussie sailing vessel reaches 68 knots

Any sailor used to cruising along at 6 knots may find it hard to imagine the idea of sailing at 68 knots, but that what Australian Paul Larsen and crew has done aboard his experimental vessel he calls Sailrocket 2.

Larsen was clocked at an outright top speed of 68.01 knots over a one-second interval and a jaw-dropping 65.45 knots over 500 meters, proving that his bold half-boat, half-plane design concept works exceptionally well.

“On paper we expect cavitation to happen just over 65 knots,” reported the Australian speedster before his fastest run to date. “That's on paper. How it manifests itself is yet to be seen. This boat is damned powerful and in 30 knots, sheeted in hard with around 65-70 knots of apparent wind it's going to be one hell of a tug of war between the wing and the foil. [The boat] is being optimized for a big [boatspeed] number.”

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