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‘Backyard’ power races top the ‘Goliaths’

Brothers Scott and Steve Nolind and their team claimed the title "Kings of the River" after their recent sweep of the Blue Water Resort and Casino 300 Enduro boat race on the Colorado River in Parker, Ariz.

The history of the "Parker Enduro," billed as the "The Indianapolis 500 of Boat Racing," dates back to the mid-1960s. It's a 300-mile endurance race on a six-mile stretch of the Colorado River.

"It's truly an American David and Goliath story. We're garage guys, backyard racers. We took a $1,700 boat and built it up in our garage to compete in the biggest endurance race, against the most financially well-backed manufactures' boats and teams, some of who have been trying to win this race for 20 years and we won," said Scott Nolind.

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