500-year-old Ship Found at Bottom of Baltic Sea

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Folks who say that wooden ships and boats are ticking time bombs destined to rot into oblivion may want to pay attention. Scientists have discovered a 500-year-old ship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, and they say it looks as if it sank only yesterday.

According to the New York Times, the first hints of the ship’s existence happened in 2009, during a seabed sonar survey to determine a reliable route for a new natural gas pipeline. In March, two tethered submersible robots were lowered nearly 500 feet to examine the wreck and found it to be in surprisingly good condition. They estimate the ship to be between 50 and 60 feet long and it resembles ships of the time, comparing it to Columbus’ Niña and Pinta.

You can read more about the discovery here. The video below shows 3D modeling of the ship.