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Baseball pitcher seeks boatyard for duck-boat paint job

Alabama boatyards, take note: World Series champion San Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy wants someone to paint his duck boat, the one he bought after the Red Sox when he pitched for the Boston club that won the World Series in 2013.

Peavy’s oldest son, Wyatt, told reporters at a press conference during the recent World Series that his father keeps saying he is going to get the duck boat painted, but that right now “it’s covered in mildew at our baseball field,” according to the Boston Herald.

Peavy explained that he has been “in negotiations” to paint the duck boat, but would rather not transport it to Texas from Southern Falls, his 5,000-acre ranch in Alabama. Peavy prefers to have the job done in-state rather than paying “ridiculous amounts of money to ship this thing across any more country than it has to.”

Additionally, Peavy said the duck boat “decided to quit running” after he moved it to a baseball field across the street from where it was being kept.

“It doesn’t want to crank now,” Peavy said. “So we have, since the playoffs started, left this thing sitting over at the baseball field, not running. I’ve just been informed it’s got mildew on the seats. So we’re going to have to do some — other than painting, we’re going to have to do something with these seats. Because obviously it’s going to be running and be a big part of what we do with the kids and camps and stuff at Southern Falls from here on out.”