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Bermuda -They'll rent you a room

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Brian Oatley, rear commodore of the St. George’s Dinghy & Sports Club, is one of several residents

who rent rooms to visiting boaters. He says he and

the other landlords share information and will direct you to another property if their own is unavailable.

He offers the following contact information.

(Also, there is general information for visiting

Bermuda at .)


Lily and Bernard Oatley

Brae Cottage

2 Secretary Lane

St. George’s

(441) 297-0629

Mark Rowe

Taylor House

Aunt Peggy’s Lane

St. George’s

(441) 297-1161 (home)

Mike and Debbie Montgomery

14 Secretary Lane

St. George’s

(441) 292-9212 (home)

(441) 295-0604 (Mike-work)

(441) 298-4783 (Debbie-work)

Brian and Susan Oatley

1 Turkey Hill

St. George’s

(441) 297-2519


Fiona Roberts

Bridge House

Bridge Street

St. George’s

(441) 297-1000

(441) 505-2828 (cell)

Lynn and Bob Hodsoll

47 Boundary Lane

St. George’s

(441) 297-8074 (home)

(441) 747-8074 (cell)