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The Perfect Day Job


For someone who’s spent a lifetime on the water, Billy Black has the perfect job: he photographs boats for a living. His work graces not only the pages of Soundings, but also dozens of other regional and national boating magazines. This video shows some of our favorite shots from Black’s library:

Black has some interesting tales to tell about his experiences with boats, including a trans-Atlantic race, many deliveries and surviving a particularly nasty storm. You can find more in our interview with Billy Black in Soundings’ January 2018 Walking The Plank article.



VIDEO: The Only Way To Cross

Before she was sunk by a German torpedo in 1915, Lusitania was one of the grandest and fastest passenger ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean. This video has more. WATCH.


VIDEO: Wielding The Atom

For more than 100 years, Baltimore Harbor Light has safely guided vessels to the Port of Baltimore. What most folks don’t know is that the Chesapeake Bay lighthouse has a nuclear-powered past. WATCH.


Salty But Sweet

Lord Nelson Victory Tugs have a classic design with salty lines. The company built 86 of the rugged-looking but graceful boats before ceasing production in 1989. Today a vibrant owners’ association celebrates the hulls that remain. WATCH


Photograph Captures Great White Shark and Surfer in Close Encounter

A photographer shot the image of the shark passing behind the surfer off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


Semper Paratus

Watch as United States Coast Guard recruits at Training Center Cape May train to be “always ready,” enduring difficult mental and physical challenges along the way. If they can handle it, recruits graduate and join the fleet. WATCH


The Swedish Job

Just like a scene out of the hit movie The Italian Job, bandits in Stockholm, Sweden, recently made off in a motorboat after a heist of epic proportions. They carried with them two priceless 17th-century royal crowns and an orb.


Seaworthy And Comfortable

Matching character with comfort, and robust hulls with efficiency, trawlers and other seafaring boats are capable passage-makers. Consider this selection of nine new trawlers as you dream about your next long-distance cruise. WATCH.


VIDEO: Is Your Boat Ready For Winter?

Some of the coldest temperatures of the season are expected to push through the Eastern United States over the next few days. Is your boat ready? WATCH