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VIDEO: A Bird Nerd’s Heaven

A young osprey peers out of its nest with an intense stare. Osprey migrate back and forth from the Chesapeake Bay to South America every year.

A young osprey peers out of its nest with an intense stare. Osprey migrate back and forth from the Chesapeake Bay to South America every year.

The next time you’re boating on the Chesapeake Bay, take out your binoculars and scan not only the water, but also the skies, marshes and shorelines. You’ll likely spy more than a few remarkable and colorful birds.

Smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Flyway — an avian migration route that stretches from the Eastern Arctic Islands, along the Atlantic Coast of North America and across the Caribbean Sea past Cuba and Jamaica — the Bay supports a large and varied population of bird species. With its rich food resources and vast swaths of habitat, the Bay plays host to a wide variety of year-round resident species and seasonal visitors, making it a delightful place for year-round birding.

This video shows just a few birds that you might see:

Gary Reich has a lot to say about birding on the Bay. You can read his thoughts on how birds make Chesapeake Bay boating better by checking out his Bay Watch column in the October 2017 issue of Soundings magazine. 



VIDEO: Workboats Of The Chesapeake

The Chesapeake Bay is home to a fleet of working watercraft that are essential tools for the watermen who depend on the Bay’s bounty for their livelihood. Despite their hardened work ethic, these boats have a unique grace and style. WATCH


Edna Takes Flight

Watch as Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum shipwrights crane the topsides and deck of the 128-year-old bugeye Edna E. Lockwood atop her newly constructed log bottom. WATCH.


Bottoms Up!

Shipwrights at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland, are more than halfway through their restoration of the bugeye Edna E. Lockwood. The work to date included handcrafting an entirely new bottom for her out of several pine logs. This video has an update on the project. WATCH


Diving For Dollars

For residents of Chesapeake Bay, October is more than just the month to celebrate Halloween — it also marks the start of the annual oyster harvest. Watch as watermen get a jump on the season by scuba diving for these tasty bivalves. WATCH.


VIDEO: Chesapeake Bay Birding Guide

Not only is the Chesapeake Bay a prime spot for boating, it is also one of the best locations for bird watching.


VIDEO: That Sinking Feeling

As the globe heats up and sea levels rise, scientists and residents are coming to grips with evidence that Deal Island, Maryland, is sinking into Chesapeake Bay. WATCH.


VIDEO: Graceful Elegance: The Hooper Island Draketail

It’s the beautifully sloped stern of the Hooper Island draketail that sets her apart from other, more angular Chesapeake Bay deadrise workboats.

Photo of Osprey with fish in its claws

A Bird Nerd’s Guide To Chesapeake Birding

I am an over-the-top geek for birds. If the four nest boxes and five bird feeders in my backyard don’t sufficiently bolster my bird-nerd credentials, then the four pairs of binoculars and half a dozen or so bird field guides scattered about my house do.