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Birds of prey on board

JUNE 1 -- A Texas couple was surprised last month when the man they paid to drive their 33-foot wooden sailboat from a yard in Maryland showed up with only an empty trailer. Their boat, the pair discovered, was under federal protection after a pair of ospreys was found nesting on board.

"This is like a double-edged sword," the boat owner's girlfriend says in a news report. "We're anxious to get the boat out here, but if we can have one osprey hatch and survive there's one more in the world."

Workers at the Galesville Yacht Yard were preparing to lift the boat from the water when they discovered the ospreys, the news report says. The birds are protected by under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and further by state wildlife laws.

Despite the obvious setback to the start of their boating season, the couple has taken a liking to their new feathered liveaboards. "I feel like a lost parent being [in Texas]," the girlfriend says in the report. "We need to get back there to check on my birds."

-- Jason Fell