Boat Bursts in Flames After Owners Harass Boaters Flying Pride Flags

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Karma doesn’t get any more instantaneous than this. On Memorial Day, a group of boaters on Moses Lake in Washington found themselves swimming desperately for their lives when their boat went up in flames after they allegedly harassed another boat flying LGBTQ Pride flags, and the whole encounter was captured on video.

According to Robbie, one of the passengers on the boat being harassed, who identifies as trans and queer and did not want his full name included, the offenders were racing around his boat, shouting gay slurs, and giving them the middle finger. Only moments later, their boat caught on fire, and they started swimming towards Robbie’s boat to be rescued.

According to Robbie, even after rescuing the passengers, whom he says were burned, they did not offer any apology or thanks. The police have not yet identified the cause of the fire, but Robbie theorizes that it resulted from how violently they were circling his vessel.

Robbie has not been deterred from boating on Moses Lake, later tweeting “We will not hide our #pride.”

You can watch footage of the fire in the video below. 



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